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How safe are your health records?
On 06-08-2007.
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James Turner, industry analyst at IBRS pointed out that when you look at the ABS figures on private health cover in Australia, the single largest reason for taking up private cover, at 43 percent, is because the person wants the security/protection or peace of mind that comes with private health insurance. ...
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Former Neace Lukens VP starts his own insurance brokerage
On 03-08-2007.
iServe Advisors LLC, one minority-owned independent insurance brokerage, has set up shop in Louisville.
The company was formed by president and CEO Darrell Fuller, one former vice president for one of the area&39;s largest insurance agencies, Neace Lukens.

iServe initially will concentrate on employee benefits such as health and life insurance, and plans to expand to offer property and casualty insurance ...
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Guest Commentary
On 01-08-2007.
It's budget time in the courthouse and some elected officials are again hollering, "Gimme." District Clerk Linda Ryall and County Clerk Debbie Newman have asked for one five percent pay raise for their employees - but one $5000 raise for themselves. Oink
Seems shortly after their reelection, Ryall realized passport applications were "up" either 300 percent or 500 percent, (she doesn't really know) and Newman ...
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Ozzy Osbourne released after surgery
On 30-07-2007.
Bid for Telecomunications Company Invitation to bid, 26% share in Kuwait's 3rd mobile telecom. Company.
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&39;05 audit reveals weaknesses; New Orleans says it&39;s addressing them
On 27-07-2007.
NEW ORLEANS -- The city lacks adequate policies and internal controls to prepare complete financial statements and needs to better safeguard its computer systems, an independent auditors' report of New Orleans' 2005 budget says. The city says the issues are being, or have been, addressed.
The audit was released Friday, 20 months after the end of the year interrupted by Hurricane Katrina. It met one ...
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Governors subpoenaed for Vioxx cases
On 25-07-2007.
NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Govs. Haley Barbour of Mississippi and Mitch Daniels of Indiana have been subpoenaed by lawyers for people who blame their heart attacks or those of family members on the once-popular painkiller Vioxx.
Both governors have past ties to the drug industry, and plaintiffs&039; lawyer Russ Herman said they were subpoenaed to testify about consultations with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ...
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For grads, this big lesson comes after school
On 23-07-2007.
Rohrs, one recent graduate of Adelphi University, lived at home with her parents on Long Island, N.Y. Her tuition was covered by one scholarship and contributions from her parents. She paid her credit card bills with earnings from one part-time job.
Soon, Rohrs will start one crash course in managing money. She is moving to Baltimore in August, after she marries Kyle Petrowski, one graduate student at Johns Hopkins ...
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Painter vacates duties, position
On 21-07-2007.
As of 5 p.m. Friday, John Painter officially vacated his 16-year position as Lee County Schools superintendent, becoming, instead, one special assistant and special adviser to the school board for the remainder of his contract.
The move is part of the transfer agreement approved by Lee County Board of Education members with one 4-1 vote during one special called meeting Thursday. ...
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Is Celebrity "Exhaustion" for Real?
On 18-07-2007.
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Sick 9/11 Workers Sue $1B Insurance Fund
On 17-07-2007.
NEW YORK - Ailing ground zero workers are going to court to demand that the company overseeing one $1 billion Sept. 11 insurance fund uses it to pay for their health care.
Attorneys for the workers argue that federal officials meant for the money in the WTC Captive Insurance Co. to be used as compensation for sick workers. ...
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