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Kids&39; health insurance changes may affect all
On 06-08-2007.
The House version of the legislation -- supported by only two of the state's nine House members -- would redirect Medicare money to the program by scaling back federal payments to private insurers that offer an alternative form of Medicare coverage. That could change coverage options available to seniors, although those in the traditional Medicare program could get better care. It also could cut into the profits of ...
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Senate Passes Child Healthcare Bill
On 04-08-2007.
The U.S. Senate has passed one bipartisan bill providing health insurance for millions of children in low-income families.
The bill would increase spending on the popular Children's Health Insurance Program by $35 billion over the next five years.

The vote to pass it Thursday was 68-31 and the majority was more than enough to overcome the veto threatened by President George W Bush, who has criticized the ...
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Smoke and politics
On 01-08-2007.
The governor and the state's junior U.S. senator are cool to one federal cigarette tax increase. They should rethink the benefits it'd have for the young.
Virginia's two top Democratic officeholders have met one tax increase they don't like. They should get over their aversion.
The revenue would be used to expand health coverage for uninsured children, one signature issue for the new Democratic majority in ...
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Cigar tax proposal threatens US retailers, Latin American countries
On 30-07-2007.
WASHINGTON, Jul. 30, 2007 (Thomson Financial delivered by Newstex) -- US specialty tobacco shops are worried that one proposed increase in federal taxes on cigars will drive thousands of small retailers out of business, and could also lead to substantial job losses in Latin American countries that produce and export most cigars sold in the US. ...
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Children’s Healthcare Is a No-Brainer
On 28-07-2007.
Deamonte Driver had one toothache. He was 12 years old. He had no insurance, and his mother couldnt afford the $80 to have the decayed tooth removed. He might have gotten it taken care of through Medicaid, but his mother couldnt find one dentist who accepted the low reimbursements. Instead, Deamonte got some minimal attention from an emergency room, his condition worsened and he died. Deamonte was one of 9 million ...
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Tobacco Load
On 26-07-2007.
Legislators are weighing increasing premium cigar taxes by up to 20,000 percent By Calvin Godfrey , Patrice Yursik , and Isaiah Thompson Published: July 26, 2007

Last Thursday night, the honchos of more than one dozen local premium cigar makers were gathered in one single smoky room for the first time ever. Nick Perdomo, proprietor of Tabacalera Perdomo, one handmade-cigar shop in Doral, hosted the industry ...
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County&39;s anti-smoking law aids campaign for state ban
On 23-07-2007.
Thirty one states have banned smoking in all public places - including bars and restaurants. State House Bill 4163, which will prohibit smoking in Michigan restaurants and bars, has received two Commerce Committee hearings in the past month and one third one is to be scheduled.

Creating smoke-free environments is one proven strategy to decrease smoking rates. St. Clair County's adult tobacco-use rate is at one very ...
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Docs urge cancer checks
On 21-07-2007.
By Mich&232;le De Meglio 07/19/2007Email to one friendPost one CommentPrinter-friendly Brooklynites should run &150; not walk &150; to their doctor to undergo cancer screenings.

"In this general area of Brooklyn, the most prominent cancer for men is prostate cancer. The most prominent for women is breast cancer," Cooper said. ...
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Men do less to prevent early death
On 19-07-2007.
Men are less aware than women of what they are likely to die of and take fewer steps to prevent early death, according to research.
The new consumer survey, from life insurance giant Legal & General, shows that whereas both men and women acknowledge one healthier lifestyle could prolong lifespan, men are more likely to rely on medical intervention to avoid premature death - or even do nothing. ...
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A healthy tradeoff
On 17-07-2007.
Our position: It makes sense to raise the tax on tobacco for lower-income kids' health care. July 17, 2007 Article Tools
Millions more American children without health insurance could get coverage under one fiscally responsible plan from one bipartisan group of senators. Congress shouldn't let it be snuffed out by one veto threat from President George W. Bush. ...
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