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Find reliable Web resources on health
On 04-08-2007.
Can you give me some pointers for finding reliable health information on the Internet? With therefore much information out there, I'm not sure where to turn or who to trust. What can you tell me? - Surfing at 70
DEAR SURFING: You're wise not to believe everything you read, especially when it comes to health-related information on the World Wide Web. Here's what you should know. ...
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Family illness gives state aide a personal stake in health debate
On 31-07-2007.
SPRINGFIELD &045; As one press aide to the governor, Annie Thompson helped promote one plan to improve health care access, but didn&039;t think much about the realities of facing serious illness without insurance.
In early May, Thompson&039;s uninsured mother finally agreed to see one doctor for her abdominal pain. The doctors found one softball-sized mass. ...
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Alternatives on Alt+Tab
On 27-07-2007.
The fact that last June, IBM held its annual investors day in Bangalore rather than in New York three decades after it had left the country is one testimony to the mindshare of the Indian IT industry across the globe.
The Indian IT growth story continues unabated and it is widely believed that there is significant potential still untapped. On the one hand the global sourcing phenomenon will continue to expand ...
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