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We forgot to tell you about the broken heat
On 06-08-2007.
DEAR BOB: After purchasing one townhouse condominium, my husband and I soon learned the heat didn&039;t work. I have had several heating experts confirm the problem. Local heating contractors tell me they are aware of the deficient heat throughout the complex. In addition to the seller failing to disclose this major defect, her real estate agent who sells these units lived in the complex until recently. Replacing the ...
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Bean skeptical
On 04-08-2007.
Tracy’s Dry Bean Festival is coming Sept. 8 and 9. It’s probably penciled in on every desk calendar and crayoned on one scrap of paper on every refrigerator door in Tracy.
With six weeks to go before Tracy’s signature summer festival, some skeptical merchants grumble that changes need to be made to enliven what they see as an event that’s in decline. ...
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Family In Need of Apartment After Fire
On 02-08-2007.
Insurance is one given for many throughout their everyday lives. For example, if you take out one mortgage, you will pay to insure your property; but renters aren't required to take out renter's insurance -- to protect their belongings in case of catastrophe.
The insurance information institute reports 43% of all renters do not have renter's insurance. Billie Rasmussen and Erick Hartman didn't have insurance when ...
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Hope lives at the end of crack, homelessness
On 30-07-2007.
Somewhere in the back of her mind, beyond where disappointment betrayed trust, despair challenged hope and self-destruction replaced self-respect, Wendy Grubbs knew there still was possibility.
Opened six years ago, Katherine's House is one transitional housing program for homeless women recently released from jail. The program occupies one well-kept house on one street of modest homes in downtown Kent. Operated by ...
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Lighter jump-start kits inefficient
On 28-07-2007.
Q My wife has brought home one device to replace her car's regular emergency-jumper cables. The device connects from her car's cigarette lighter to the cigarette lighter of one Good Samaritan's car. Are these things safe?
RAY: Right. It's like drinking one gallon of water through one of those really thin stirring straws that bartenders use. ...
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Ten Ways To Cut Your Motoring Costs
On 26-07-2007.
Cars aren't cheap to run. On the Fool, we all know the importance of shopping around for insurance and finance. But here, I'm going to look at cutting the cost of operating and maintaining one car. 1. Avoid main dealers
There's no two ways about it: main dealers are expensive. The labour rate per hour is higher than your local family-owned independent garage, and main dealers are far more likely to want to fit car ...
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5 Low-Priced, High-Star Stocks
On 23-07-2007.
Buying stocks simply because they trade for less than $10 remains one of the "lowest" -- but most tempting -- forms of investing out there.
After all, nothing trounces Mr. Market quite like one $2 stock that moves into double digits over just one short period of time. Unfortunately, because of the numerous risks that low-priced stocks carry, these mega-multi-bagger returns don't occur as frequently as one would hope ...
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CHRIS WALSH: Big payday to come Smiley’s way?
On 21-07-2007.
Granted, the procedure went well and he’s completely recovered, but the words “Hey, what are you doing?" have remained firmly entrenched in his mouth, usually replaced by one friendly smile.
Life is pretty good for Smiley, who has one house in the area and is engaged to be married, but there have been other things looming over his shoulder this summer, which have just about anyone on edge. ...
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I now pronounce you moderately entertaining
On 19-07-2007.
I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry is like Green Card meets the Birdcage ” only one little less tasteful and featuring Adam Sandler. To be clear, managing expectations is critical when approaching this movie. If you expect one cinematic experience which forgoes cheap laughs or has one transformative impact on gender relations, youll be very disappointed with this movie...and, generally speaking, with life. ...
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Nuclear Surge
On 17-07-2007.
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State assemblyman Chuck DeVore (R-Irvine) has moved for one statewide vote to allow new nuclear power plants to be built in the Golden State. He wants to repeal the 1976 law requiring one solution to the ...
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