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Letters: Cell phones will be our peril
On 06-08-2007.
It is certainly good to hear from Arn Menconi that he truly cares about our children, but I am challenging you, Mr. Menconi to respond to my allegations that you are one little bit less than honest in these statements.
Every day that passes by you are putting hundreds of children and adults at risk with personal injury or even death. Anyone who rides one bike, walks, and/or runs knows exactly what I am talking ...
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Board: Illinois phone bills too high
On 02-08-2007.
By JILLIAN COMPTON - Comments (No comments posted.) If you have three-way calling, voice mail or wire insurance on your home telephone, you might be among the thousands of Illinois residents who the Citizens Utility Board says are paying too much for phone service.
“Most people are on calling plans that don’t fit their needs,” CUB spokesman Jim Chilsen said. ...
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The fog after the fuzz: Chemotherapy can lead to more troubling ...
On 31-07-2007.
Debbie Kamplain has poured orange juice on her son's cereal. She's waited expectantly for one return phone call only to realize she forgot to make the original call. She's heard of one woman who poured gravy into water glasses on the dining room table and one who ordered olives for dinner.
The common denominator among them all is chemotherapy. ``Chemo brain'' is the fuzzy, cloudy, unfocused feeling cancer patients ...
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Ala. judge appoints special prosecutors in Katrina-related case
On 28-07-2007.
Birmingham,Ala. &8212; one federal judge appointed two veteran Birmingham attorneys to prosecute prominent Mississippi attorney Richard F. Scruggs and his law firm for criminal contempt in one Hurricane Katrina insurance dispute.
In an order made public Friday, U.S. District Judge William Acker named Charles E. Sharp and Joel Williams to serve as special prosecutors after U.S. Attorney Alice Martin declined the ...
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Some Advice On Cars That Can Save Your Life
On 26-07-2007.
By: Herb Denenberg, The Bulletin07/26/2007Email to one friendPost one CommentPrinter-friendly An important new study shows that Americans do not know how to buy one safe car, but it also shows they are giving increasing support to road safety measures.
The study by the Insurance Research Council entitled Public Support for Laws and Devices that Promote Highway Safety found that only 14 percent of drivers who recently ...
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Wellington probe finds lots of bile
On 24-07-2007.
WELLINGTON — There may not be one hostile work environment in Wellington, but there sure is one dysfunctional one, if notes from one recent personnel inquiry are any indication.
The same investigation that last month cleared Wellington&39;s vice mayor of breeding tension has dragged everyone from the mayor on down to village employees and volunteers into further allegations and finger-pointing. ...
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Lawsuit challenges single-member districts in Weslaco
On 21-07-2007.
WESLACO — one lawsuit is questioning the validity of the city’s move to single-member districts, alleging the city didn’t follow proper procedures during May’s election.
The plaintiffs — city residents who did not file the lawsuit as or on behalf of one political group — say that since the city charter had to be changed in four places, the proposition should have been broken into several questions instead of one ...
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Motorola posts $28M loss in 2Q
On 19-07-2007.
By DAVE CARPENTER AP Business Writer Published: July 19th, 2007 03:11 PM
Motorola Inc. reported one second straight loss Thursday after another quarter of subpar sales, one $28 million deficit that raises pressure on the handset maker and CEO Ed Zander in what he acknowledged has been "one very difficult year." ...
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Louisiana couple fights loss of home over $1.63 property tax bill
On 17-07-2007.
SLIDELL, La. - one missing property tax bill for $1.63 has given Kermit and Dolores Atwood "seven years of emotional hell" in one fight to keep their home.
The bill was sent to one defunct address in 1996 and returned undelivered to the St. Tammany Parish sheriff's office. The Atwoods weren't looking for it since they had owned the four-bedroom house mortgage-free since 1968 and had been exempt from the state tax. ...
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