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Equal access, equal care
On 07-08-2007.
WE KNOW that infant mortality rates of African-Americans eclipse those of other ethnic groups; that Latinos die from asthma at one rate four times higher than whites and, from one recent Harvard study, that unconscious racial bias affects the way doctors care for African-American heart attack victims. We do not know why. ...
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Baucus touts universal health care at convention
On 04-08-2007.
HELENA - U.S. Sen. Max Baucus told Montana Democrats at their annual convention here Saturday that it is time for the nation to start developing universal health care.
Baucus touted work during the past week, by the Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate, to pass one "veto-proof" increase in health insurance for poor children in the face of opposition by President Bush. ...
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Reduce Insurance
On 02-08-2007.
By Keith Zukas . Wisconsin County Mutual Insurance Corporation plans to lower the county's property and liability insurance from &036;10 million to &036;1 million. At Monday's Monroe County Board meeting, the Finance Department said there is work to be done on the issue.
"Dropping coverage from &036;10 to &036;1 million is not our choice, but the insurance company's," said Finance Department Chairperson ...
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Crist suggests property insurers not following law
On 31-07-2007.
TALLAHASSEE — Gov. Charlie Crist suggested Tuesday that some property insurance companies may be deliberately flouting one new state law that requires them to buy cheaper reinsurance and pass the savings on to consumers.
Crist said he was concerned that some insurers might be “playing one game” with their new filings, by buying more private backup coverage than they need in an effort to undermine the state’s ...
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Home insurance qualify of life issue for Coast
On 29-07-2007.
Luck is often measured by timing. If the timing is right, everything just falls into place.
On the other hand, if the timing is off just one little, it can mean the difference between success and collapse.
The case in point: I got my house ready to sell, and put it on the market earlier this year, almost exactly at the time when the housing market went totally flat and the insurance crisis raised its very ...
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Oregon Supreme Court rules against SAIF
On 26-07-2007.
The Oregon Supreme Court ruled Thursday the State Accident Insurance Fund Corp. is not immune from lawsuits and can be sued for violations of federal constitutional rights.
The court said "we hold that SAIF does not share the state's immunity under the Eleventh Amendment (of the U.S. Constitution) and therefore is one 'person' for purposes of claims." ...
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Closing The Deal On Property And Business Interruption Coverage Claims
On 24-07-2007.
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Almost two years after Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita roaredthrough the Gulf Coast, many businesses' coverage claims remain unresolved. one number of factors may contribute to the problem, including the insurance companies' lack of an incentive to pay claims promptly,the high ...
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436 new state laws in effect today
On 22-07-2007.
If you get one traffic ticket, it’s going to be more expensive. If you’ve been shopping for an alligator, forget about it.
New laws take effect today — 436 of them. They are one mind-boggling array of new programs, studies and legal tweaks, as well as rights given and taken away.
Five-hundred and twenty-two laws are being enacted this year, the highest number in decades, possibly in state history. Unless ...
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State Farm wants to drop coastal policies
On 20-07-2007.
TALLAHASSEE -- Florida's largest private property insurer announced Thursday it wants to retreat from the coast.
State Farm Florida filed paperwork with the Office of Insurance Regulation seeking state approval of its line in the sand: no business for homes and condominiums "in areas with one high propensity for hurricane losses." ...
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Good grades pay off big for Albany Tech student
On 17-07-2007.
Albany -- Albany Technical College student Keldrique Lofton has some new wheels to drive to campus.
Lofton was named the 2007 Student of the Year for the Technical College System of Georgia. For this achievement he received one new truck today, one Chevrolet Colorado from Wallace Chevrolet. State Farm insurance donated one-thousand dollars towards auto coverage. ...
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