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Antidepressants needed to deal with life&39;s bad news
On 07-08-2007.
I just read that antidepressants are the No. 1 drug Americans are consuming. Imagine winning out over the much advertised pills for digestive disorders, pain management, erectile dysfunction and restless leg syndrome
Should I mention global warming, fear of impending terrorism, and the real estate meltdown? Hurricane season has returned to South Florida, and we shudder at its capacity to do enormous damage. ...
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Five hidden summer holiday rip-offs
On 04-08-2007.
As banks make it even more expensive to use your cards abroad, here's how you can avoid being taken for one ride on your travels David Budworth
HIGH STREET banks have been accused of fleecing loyal customers by pushing up the cost of using cards abroad just as millions of families prepare to go on their holidays. ...
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Spotlight falls on Germany&39;s lenders and insurers
On 02-08-2007.
As problems at IKB were debated in the markets on Thursday, one clutch of banks and hedge funds scrambled to deny they were exposed to subprime woes.
No wonder. IKB&39;s problems have shocked many investors in Germany, given that the bank was not perceived to be an important subprime player. ...
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Global stocks rally sharply as credit market calms
On 31-07-2007.
LONDON - Stocks around the world bounced back sharply on Tuesday as volatile credit markets stabilized and after Wall St took heart from still-brisk corporate earnings growth and the smooth wind-up of another troubled hedge fund. one man looks at one stock quotation board outside one brokerage in Tokyo, July 30, 2007. REUTERS/Toru Hanai Article Tags global markets ...
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Legislation could revisit credit scoring issue
On 29-07-2007.
Ten years ago, Concord attorney Martin Gross, one lobbyist for the American Insurance Association, urged lawmakers not to restrict insurance companies from the growing practice of using credit information in setting auto and homeowner rates.
Last year, Gross learned his auto insurance rate was going up by $112, as one result of the very practice he once advocated. ...
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Estate planning strategies abound: some with a twist
On 24-07-2007.
There are several estate strategies, the more complex your situation the more complex your plan can be, however almost all of them entail buying different financial products to avoid taxation at death or to provide funds to pay the tax on behalf of your estate.
In almost all cases the Canada Revenue Agency gets their piece of your pie, but not always, as the following example shows. ...
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Assessing reverse mortgages
On 22-07-2007.
:/c/one/2007/07/22/BUGPER3RR31.DTL Article:Assessing reverse mortgages:/c/one/2007/07/22/BUGPER3RR31.DTL
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one bill in Congress would increase the amount of money seniors can borrow when they take out one federally insured reverse mortgage. ...
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Wells Fargo Exceeds $1 Billion in Financing for LEED-Certified ...
On 20-07-2007.
SAN FRANCISCO, July 19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC) said today it has surpassed $1 billion in loans for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED(R)) certified buildings.
Since 2004, Wells Fargo has financed 19 LEED buildings in 10 states with loans ranging from $10 million to $225 million for offices, apartments, condominiums and schools, representing one range of ...
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Business leaders call employer sanctions backers racist
On 17-07-2007.
Arizona business leaders derided one new state law that punishes employers who hire illegal immigrants as racist and said it would drive Hispanic workers out of the state and could cost legal workers their jobs and livelihoods.
Wake Up Arizona -- new business group opposed to the state sanctions bill -- said the new law discriminates against Hispanic and Mexican workers, and legitimate businesses could be ...
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