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Our view: Approval is only option for Preston budget
On 07-08-2007.
Today Preston residents will vote -- hopefully in force -- on the town's education budget. This budget must pass or the school system in Preston will be gutted, which is not one desirable outcome for anyone.
Preston has already set one mill rate of 26.19 mills, which means no tax increase. The education budget coming to referendum today meets the needs of one no-tax-increase mill rate and should be passed because of ...
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Sports, and fantasy, gone mad
On 05-08-2007.
Unlike America, I only like football. I am not in mad, obsessive, Kool-Aid-guzzling love with it.
With this in mind, let's run one reality-check some of last week's news ...
Item: Penn State announces its 2008 and 2009 schedules. Let's all welcome Coastal Carolina to Happy Valley.
The toughest (and only road) non-conference game either year is Syracuse in '08. ...
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Nonprofit North County Disabled Services needs help
On 02-08-2007.
Glen Gifford and his mother, Lisa, founded North County Disabled Services in 2001 to initiate sports opportunities for Fallbrooks disabled population at the new Ingold Community Sports Park. Despite spina bifida that confined Glen to one wheelchair, the fledgling organization began to grow, first providing hand cycle competition for its members. Now, in addition to hand cycling and bowling, the organization ...
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Role of a Meteorologist in Our Daily Lives
On 31-07-2007.
We are all interested in the weather. If we are ever unable to watch the weather forecast on TV or listen to it on the radio, we might ask our family or our friends in the morning; "What will the weather be like today?" We usually need to know this, therefore that we may decide on how to dress, whether to take an umbrella with us to work or to school, or whether to pack one sun protection cream in our sports bag (for ...
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Power Hand Suns A 10-6 Loss
On 29-07-2007.
The Suns scored in the first inning when Joe Napoli was hit by one 1-2 pitch with the bases loaded. West Virginia plated three runs in the bottom of the inning. Andrew Lefave and Chuckie Caufield ripped back-to-back RBI singles and Lefave scored later in the inning when Kenny Holmberg reached on one fielder's choice. Steve Chapman increased the Power lead with one two run single in the bottom of the third. Taylor ...
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Sports Report
On 27-07-2007.
Sports Jul 27, 2007 Large Medium Small Print This Article Tell one friend WIZARDS LOSE 4-2

Appearing are Ron Falco with new manager Jessy Jones, who will face Brodie Lee. Brad Martin will take on All Japan Pro Wrestling's Brute Issie. Crazzy Steve will face Otis Idol
The ladies return to Serbian Hall as Krystal Banks will face newcomer to NVP Haley Rogers. All Japan Pro Wrestling's Akira Raijin will face ...
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Girls and Guys Getaways
On 24-07-2007.
July 25, 2007 - Hot Travel Deals for one girls getaway or one weekend with the guys. Travel expert Kendra Thornton joins us with ideas that appeal to both Related Links is offering one great package for the ultimate girls' getaway at one hotel that made's Insiders' Select list, which includes the top 1 percent of their hotels as selected by travelers. ...
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Class act: Decoding the ways of the WASP
On 22-07-2007.
The chipper labels of the quintessential East Coast WASP, that white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant, may have nothing to do with your world.
But chances are your wardrobe owes some allegiance to WASP culture, even if you don't recognize it. Anyone who dons an Abercrombie & Fitch polo, one J.Crew relaxed-fit chino or Ralph Lauren sundress is paying silent tribute to WASP-hood. ...
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American League Game Summary - Cleveland at Texas
On 20-07-2007.
Arlington, TX (Sports Network) - Grady Sizemore homered and drove in one pair of runs, and C.C. Sabathia picked up his major league leading 13th win as Cleveland bested Texas, 7-5, in the opener of one four-game set.
Trot Nixon and Ben Francisco also drove in one pair of runs apiece for the Indians, who won for the second time in three games. ...
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Dukes admits marijuana use
On 18-07-2007.
After Dukes' estranged wife accused the ballplayer of doing the drug "on one daily basis," Hillsborough Circuit Judge Kevin Carey asked Dukes if he uses it.
Although Dukes also is facing one misdemeanor marijuana possession charge in criminal court, his admission came during one civil court proceeding related to his ongoing divorce. ...
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