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Accident Insurance in Philippines

 Companies providing Accident Insurance services in Philippines islands.

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This Philippine company provides a Personal Insurance Policy with 24 hours a day protection, on or off the job, 365 days a year, anywhere in the world while traveling as a fare-paying passenger on any duly licensed commercial flights as well as in a multi-engine private aircraft and while riding as a passenger of any two-wheeled vehicle with sidecar (tricycle).

HSBC Philippines
Personal accident insurance policies providing financial protection against loss as a result of death or disability.

Omni Insurance Brokers
Online insurance brokers, contact information for policy details and premiums for all types of Insurance cover in the Philippines.

American Express - Phillipines - Accident Insurance
Information about the Phillipinian American Express Key Protector Plan, an accident insurance plan in the country.,1641,8473,00.asp

Zurich Philippines
Has policies for life, accident, travel, and home insurance.

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