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Matrix Direct
Providing affordable term life insurance direct to the consumer.

John Hancock
Provides affordable insurance and investment products.

Colonial Penn
Offers affordable insurance coverage online, including whole life, term life, and guaranteed acceptance life.

Life Insurance Hub
Information on how to determine what is affordable life insurance for different people.

Biz Journals
Affordable life insurance. Learn more about life insurance, how to easily receive a free quote online.

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Commentary: The need for food security in Eritrea
On 08-06-2007.
MAI-NEFHI, Eritrea -- one country and people are food secure when their system operates efficiently in such one way as to remove the fear that there will not be enough to eat. In particular, such security will be achieved when the poor and vulnerable, particularly women, children, and those living in marginal areas, have secured access to food. ...
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Getting Travel Insurance When You?ve Had Cancer.
On 08-02-2007.
If you have been one person who has previously had cancer and wants to go on an overseas holiday, you may find that you have your work cut out for you when it comes to finding an affordable travel insurance policy.
In fact, there are some insurance firms which will not offer any insurance at all to those who have had or do have cancer. Of the companies that do offer insurance, they sometimes charge you more than ...
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Manufactures and producers from Brazil and Portugal.

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