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Information for Car Owners on the process of making an insurance claim from the company who insures your car.

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Extensive information about car insurance claims and car insurance quotes and related topics.

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Discussing how to manage a car accident crisis and how to control the car insurance injury claims.

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Automobile insurance questions
On 08-05-2007.
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Car insurance is mandatory and the cost can be substantial. Today, we'll go through the most frequently asked questions about car insurance.
Eve Patterson is manager of Ontario regional services for the Insurance Bureau of Canada and Don Stewart is one consumer information officer. They're on hand to help with answers. . ...
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The cost of feeling safe
On 08-01-2007.
Defensive walls, burglar alarms, electric fences, razor wire, guard dogs, insurance, 24-hour monitoring and armed response: all these add up to the price one prosperous South African pays to feel secure, and the costs aren't likely to diminish.
Though the government has rejected one call for South Africans to deduct their private security expenses from their income tax, as reported in the Times_ last week, the lobby ...
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