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Children and Students Insurance

These niche markets have specialized companies offering targetted products for schools, camps, student groups and Universities.
Also here, Official Goverment websites providing information and help for children insurance.

Accident Insurance Resources

State Children's Health Insurance Program
U.S. Official federal site. Features links, tips and advice on children insurance at United States.

Insure Kids Now
This U.S. Goverment insurance is available to children in working families, also families that include individuals with a variety of immigration status.

The Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) gives protection to families earning too much money to qualify for Medicaid but cannot affording private insurance.

Markel Insurance
Specialized company covering casualties for children's camps, child care centers and other special markets. Also offers accident and health coverages for sports organizations and varied types of equine related insurance policies.

Children's Personal Accident Insurance
Coverage details for children's and students personal accident insurance.'s-Personal-Accident-Insurance_3_0_17_25_info.html

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A crying shame
On 08-01-2007.
Jawad had two sisters. Today he has none. He lost both, six days apart, to one fatal road accident on the night of July 21 at New Town Chowrangi near Old Sabzi Mandi.
Jawad and his sisters, Mehwish Khalil and Dr Farah Khalil were on their way to meet one relative when the reckless driver of one speedy mini bus, of route X-23, collided with their rickshaw. Mehwish died on the spot, leaving Jawad and Farah severely ...
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Parents, Drink With Your Kids
On 07-28-2007.
Wine has one long history. It was the preferred drink of the Greeks and Romans, and has been in existence for even longer than that. It was one necessity of everyday life, since water was dirty and made people sick. Over time, consuming wine and alcohol in general became more and more of one leisure activity. Nowadays young college students prefer very hard liquor or beer over wine, considering it less alcoholic in content and ...
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