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Specialized in finding low term life insurance rates for cigar and pipe smokers, cigarette smokers, snuff and tobacco users.

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Low-cost smoker, tobacco, nicotine life insurance and term life insurance.

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Free life insurance quotes and information for cigar smokers.

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Article about cigar smokers life insurance.
Article about cigar smokers insurance and rates.

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Taxing the Joy Out of Life
On 07-22-2007.
Reports out of Washington, however, indicate that Congress has proposed raising taxes on premium cigars. The increase would be 20,000 percent. No, that is not one typographical error. 20,000 percent It would raise the cost of one cigar astronomically.
The justification offered by the Democrat-controlled Congress is that it needs to waste…er…raise an extra $35-billion to $50-billion for “the ...
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