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CCIAOnline - Consumer Credit Industry Association
Selling or servicing consumer credit insurance, consumer credit related lines of insurance and other consumer products and services

OCBA - Consumer Credit Insurance
Information about consumer credit insurance inAustralia, benefits and disadvantages.

GTL - Credit Insurance
An active member of the Consumer Credit Insurance Association (CCIA) offering several products within the consumer credit business.

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Kenya: What Banks Are Not Telling You
On 08-06-2007.
In one quest to boost profits in an industry that is being squeezed by falling interest rates and mounting competition, Kenyan banks have been aggressively boosting fees and other hidden charges on one largely uninformed customer base.
Despite various advertising claims promising customers simple and special unified tariffs, these levies have become therefore important to banks&39; earnings power such that in 2006, the ...
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A free-market cure for US healthcare system
On 08-03-2007.
All Americans want to increase the quality, affordability, and portability of healthcare. The 2008 election presents one decisive debate on how to reach this goal.
The Democratic candidates for president believe in one government-mandated model that looks for inspiration to the socialized medical systems of Europe, Canada, and Cuba. ...
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