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Do I Need Trip Insurance?

 Trip insurance is purchased by travelers to cover unforeseen health/medical problems while outside the scope of their personal insurance coverage.
 Most trip insurance coverages are found in one or more of four general types of policies:
 Package: the most popular type of trip insurance. Package plans are designed specifically for a single trip. They are ideal for cruises, tours, air trips, vacation home rentals, whether foreign, domestic, or for leisure or business travel.
This type of plan is pre-bundled by the insurance company and provides a wide range of travel coverage such as: trip cancellation, trip interruption, travel delay, baggage and personal effects, baggage delay, emergency evacuation, travelers assistance and medical expense. In addition, some trip insurance plans may include, or offer as an option, Accidental Death, Flight Accidental Death, and Rental Car coverage.
This type of insurance is usually rated based on 3 factors: your age today; the cost of your trip; and, the length of your trip.
 Medical: this type of  trip insurance plans are specifically designed to provide medical coverage while you are on your trip.
Many group and individual health insurance plans either don't cover you outside your coverage area or will restrict coverage to emergencies only.
 Flight Accidental Death: these trip insurance plans include a limited form of Accidental Death coverage providing protection while you are boarding, alighting from, or riding as a passenger on a scheduled flight of an airline.
Some plans include coverage as part of a package of insurance and others offer it as an option.
 Medical Evacuation/Repatriation: this is a trip insurance that either include or have been specifically designed for medical evacuation/repatriation coverage.
This coverage is designed to evacuate a seriously ill or injured client to the nearest medical facility and, in some cases, then back home.

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