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 In general, homeowners insurance plans exclude from its coverages the accidents caused by what is called “Acts of God”. This refers to most natural catastrophes that may affect a house, its structure and content, such as earthquakes, hurricanes or floods, for instance. However, in places where some kinds of natural catastrophes are more likely to happen, some insurance companies offer specific plans including natural accidents.

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Hurricane Katrina And Insurance: Two Years Later $40.6 Billion In ...
On 08-07-2007.
Disaster Losses Along Atlantic and Gulf Coasts Likely to Escalate in Coming Years
NEW YORK, August 6, 2007 &8212; The single largest loss in the history of the insurance industry occurred two years ago this month when Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, causing$40.6 billion in insured damage. Nearly two years later, the overwhelming majority of claims have been settled.&160;&160; ...
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Business day: Court rules against Katrina victims
On 08-03-2007.
NEW ORLEANS — Hurricane Katrina victims whose homes and businesses were destroyed when floodwaters breached levees in the 2005 storm cannot recover money from their insurance companies for the damages, one federal appeals court ruled Thursday.
The case could affect tens of thousands of rebuilding residents and business owners in Louisiana, Daniel E. Becnel, who represented 21 plaintiffs in the case, said. ...
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