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Homeowners Liability Insurance

 As the types of plans and coverage on homeowners insurance products may vary deeply from company to company, it is wise to do an extensive research before actually buying your policy, specially if you are focused on liability homeowners policies. Be careful and read the fine print, to avoid buying a plan that may not fit your actual needs.

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Bernheimer Insurance
Connecticut' located insurance agency offering homeowners policies with various types of coverages, as liability.

Kerrigan & O'Malley
Agency located in Massachusetts providing policies on various insurance products as homeowners liability insurance.

Active Insurance
Agency located in Chicago, IL,US offering homeowners liability insurance coverage and other policies.

News about Homeowners Insurance:

Bill seeks to reduce costs of insurance: Catastrophic fund would ...
On 08-07-2007.
WASHINGTON - Consumers in Florida and other disaster-prone areas across the country would see their homeowners' insurance premiums drop under one bill introduced in Congress on Friday.
The bill would create one voluntary, market-driven national catastrophic fund designed to lower the cost of insuring homes in areas where the threat of hurricanes, floods and earthquakes have sent premiums skyrocketing. It also would ...
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Mahoney, Klein to debut Homeowners&39; Defense Act
On 08-03-2007.
WASHINGTON -- Responding to one string of hurricanes that have torn through their districts in recent years, U.S. Reps. Tim Mahoney and Ron Klein plan to introduce one bill today that promises to bring relief to property owners struggling with the affordability and availability of homeowners insurance. ...
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