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Indemnity Insurance

Definition: †Insurance policies that a business carries covering the loss from lawsuits in the event the business or its employees were found at fault when an action occurred.

 Indemnity insurance is one of the most specific insurance plans available. In brief, indemnity insurance itís a policy which provides monetary protection in the case of some individual who has caused damage or loss is facing some legal action. There are also other variations of indemnity insurance. Another very popular option of plan refers to health indemnity insurance. In this private plan, the insurance company reimburses the insurance for his medical expenses, no matter who provides the treatment. However, the company will determine how much reimbursement the insured should receive and how much will have to be paid by the insured himself.

 Professional indemnity insurance is also a plan required for a wide range of activities. Architects, building surveyors and inspectors, accountants and engineers included.  We may say that professional indemnity insurance is essential for those who sell their expertise and skills in some manner.

Indemnity Insurance Resources

State Bar of Texas Insurance Trust
Offers various types of insurance, including indemnity coverages to State Bar members and their employees.

About Indemnity Health Insurance
Indemnity health insurance information. Learn about indemnity insurance plans and how it relates to health insurance.

Tolson Messenger
Agency in UK offering specialized products on public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

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Only 40 per cent of Brits have one written one will denoting what exactly will happen to their assets and personal effects once they pass away. Most often the person trusted as executor of this will is one valued friend or close relative, but it can be one big responsibility at one stressful time, especially therefore if issues of estate administration rear their heads. ...
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$94 million in wheat claims paid
On 08-05-2007.
Hutchinson -- Kansas leads the nation in federal crop insurance payouts.
More than $94 million has been paid out therefore far to Kansas farmers whose wheat fields were damaged by one late spring freeze, heavy rains and flooding.
And officials said the payouts grow larger as crop adjusters continue to tour very hard-hit fields. ...
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