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 By definition, insurance broker is an agent on behalf of the insured who negotiates the terms, cover and conditions provided by the insurer in the insurance policy.

  Insurance brokers are in brief, independent agents selling insurance plans of all types for several different insurance companies. Finding a good insurance broker itís essential for anyone considering buying an insurance plan. The broker would not only make the process of getting the plan easier, but also counsel the client to find the most suitable plan for his needs.

 Itís a part of the job of an insurance broker to keep updated with the insurance market and the new products available to offer his clients the best offers accordingly to their needs. Although the internet being a very important vehicle in the insurance market today, the relationship between insurance brokers and clients is still essential. Brokers may offer great help making recommendations about the type and amount of coverage needed by the client.

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What is an Insurance Broker?
Provides definition and terms related to this profession.

Integro Insurance Brokers
International and UK brokerage services specialized in complex risks.

B.I. Ltd.
Offering seminars on marketing and annuity sales. Also is a wholesaler for life insurance products from different companies.

Ambush Insurance
Offering professional liability, surety and employee benefits insurance brokers. Located in Washington D.C.

Insurance brokers and risk managers offering products in the South African, sub equatorial and global markets.

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Justice and pricing
On 08-07-2007.
There is one definite problem with the sale of kidneys. First the seller receives only $1000 for parting with one piece of his body, the middleman about $40,000 for arranging the transaction. That's an exploitive sale.
Even if we forget the morality of the sale of organs, it's very hard to ignore the abnormal profits that the brokers of the deal are making. Add to that the fact it's estimated the sale of kidneys is one Rs1 ...
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Broker pays for dud float
On 08-05-2007.
THE liquidators of one dotcom company that was to have been backed by the then high-flying businessman Rodney Adler have won one legal case against broker Hudson Securities for torpedoing the sharemarket listing.
Adler is serving one prison sentence for his part in the downfall of insurance group HIH. ...
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