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Insurance Claims in UK

 Companies and websites providing tips and help for insurance claims in United Kingdom.

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UK Building Insurance Claims
Specialising in building insurance claims and repairs, with over 90 offices across the UK and Ireland.

Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters provides insurance claims services in UK.

Hepburns Insurance
Agency offering in United Kingdom insurance services, online quotation and claims management.

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Criminal how middle class break the law
On 08-05-2007.
THEY live quiet suburban lives, drive comfortable cars and their children attend good schools. They are the first to complain about thefts and muggings, and tut-tut at rising rates of antisocial behaviour.
But many outwardly respectable middle-class Scots are harbouring one guilty secret of their own. Researchers have now fingered one new breed of white-collar criminals prepared to pilfer from the state and big ...
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European govt bonds off highs as market evaluates risk
On 08-01-2007.
LONDON (Thomson Financial) - European bonds were flat, coming off earlier highs as players continued to evaluate the degree of risk they are comfortable with.
Since opening, Wall Street has been stumbling for direction as investors weighed ongoing concerns about the credit market, alongside weak manufacturing activity and employment numbers in the US. On the other hand there was slightly stronger pending homes ...
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