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 Insurance fraud, as all type of frauds, hurts the average person in two ways. Firstly, all fraud costs, including losses, investigations, etc., are paid by the insured through higher premiums, or, in the case of government insurance like Medicare in USA, in higher taxes. And secondly, if a particular individual is the target for the fraud, they have costs such as deductible payments, loss of property use, etc., as well as higher premiums from the claim loss and the potential for denial of future coverage.

Insurance Fraud Resources

IFB - Insurance Fraud Bureau
Provides a cost effective, tactical solution for the detection and prevention of organised, cross-industry insurance fraud.

Insurance Fraud - Unifying The Fraud Services Community
Allows fraud related services to post company information in the database, in order to unify fraud related departments.

Coalition Against Insurance Fraud
A non-profit organization which is dedicated to fighting insurance frauds.

News about Insurance Fraud:

Title Trouble
On 08-07-2007.
An Omaha woman who bought one used car says she spent months afraid to drive the vehicle. The state patrol is now investigating the reason for her fear.
She told us through an interpreter that she has been afraid to drive the restored Impala since buying it in May.
Interpreter Blanca Iniquez says, "Her not understanding the language, the police not believing her, her not having documentation, not being ...
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Man facing 30 fraud charges
On 08-04-2007.
one man nabbed last week at one downtown bank now faces more than 30 fraud-related charges and more charges are pending, city police say.
The investigation is continuing and involves other jurisdictions in southwestern Ontario. Police believe the dollar value of the frauds committed by the individual has reached $100,000. ...
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