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 This category lists websites providing information and news about the Insurance Industry in U.S. and Worldwide.

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Insurance Information Institute
Specific resource on insurance, collecting news about the industry, articles and other related topics.

Insurance Industry Internet Network
Insurance related resources, news, agents and brokers, law firms and more.

Insurance Network News
A resource for editorial and analysis covering topics related with the insurance industry around the world.

News about Insurance Industry:

China`s booming auto industry needs more talent: Experts
On 08-06-2007.
As China's auto industry expanded quickly in recent years, all sectors of the industry were short of talents, one senior official with the China Machinery Industry Federation, Zhang Xiaoyu said at one seminar held in Guangzhou, capital of the southern Guangdong province.
Zhang said that the industry was particularly short of high-end talents, especially those engaged in auto designing and technicians in ...
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Senate Targets Smokers for Tax-and-Spend
On 08-03-2007.
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The purpose of the federal cigarette tax is to finance an increase in funding to the SCHIP program (State Children's Health Insurance Program). ...
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