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Health Insurance Online - Medical Coverage Research
Medical insurance companies reviews and information and related links to other topics on insurance.

Fair Investment Company - Medical Insurance Companies
Information and links for several different medical insurance companies in the UK. Also contains information about other insurance.

Private Healthcare UK
A comprehensive listing of private medical insurance companies in the UK provided by Private Healthcare.

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Health-care legislation exceeds reach
On 08-07-2007.
Whenever federal lawmakers address children's health insurance, it's no wonder Americans sit up and take notice. Children's welfare is important - and the congressional battle over increasing their health care is an issue that draws strong opinions.

President Bush already announced he would veto the legislation. The president opposes any spending increase for the program - and his reasons cannot be dismissed ...
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The UAW&39;s Health-Care Dreams
On 08-03-2007.
It is not within the power of United Auto Workers President Ron Gettelfinger to save GM, Ford and Chrysler. But it is certainly within his power to kill them. Whether he chooses to do therefore will soon become clear. What are arguably the most critical contract negotiations in the history of Motown's auto industry began this week. ...
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