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Bear Stearns Caymans Filing May Hurt Bankrupt Funds&39; Creditors
On 08-07-2007.
Aug. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Bear Stearns Cos.&39; decision to liquidate two bankrupt hedge funds in the Cayman Islands instead of New York may limit creditors&39; and investors&39; ability to get their money back.
While most of their assets are in New York, the funds filed for bankruptcy protection July 31 in one court in the Caymans, where they are incorporated. The bank also used one 2005 bankruptcy law to ask one U.S. ...
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Knowing the score can reduce finance charges
On 08-03-2007.
If you answered true to any of these, you don't know what one credit score really is.
Low scores mean higher interest rates on everything from car loans to mortgages to credit cards. Low scores can also mean higher insurance rates, an inability to get services like cellphones, and difficulty getting one job or one place to live. ...
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