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 Today, with the popularity of cell phones, they became not only a way to communicate with your family and friends, but also an essential business tool for the majority of people. A cell phone is no longer used just to make calls, but within a wide range of applications. However, cell phones are small, expensive and may be also a tool to make fraudulent acts. Thatís why cell phone insurance is also becoming so essential.

 In brief, phone insurance covers your cell phone from several accidents that may happen, theft and loss being the most obvious and common. However, there are some companies offering coverage for things such as water damage (leakage in the toilet for example), accidental damage and even coverage for fraudulent calls. Today, with the popularity of other portable devices, some companies are also extending their coverage to PDAs, Blackberries and even MP3 players.

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Insurance 4 Mobiles
Providing in UK phone insurance policies for Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Siemens and Sony Ericsson.

Provides insurance for cell phone providers, to cover replacement for lost, stolen or damaged cells.

Insure my Mobile
Flexible mobile phone cover with a low cost mobile phone insurance in the event of everything from loss and theft.

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