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AXA PPP Healthcare
Questions, answers and tips about your private medical insurance in United Kingdom.

Providing consumers information about the complexities of private health insurance, and medical plans.

Medicare Advocacy
Medicare overpayments to private plans, article.

Private Health Insurance Ombudsman
Australian provider of private health and medical plans.

Article about what is a provate plan.

News about Medical Insurance:

Mayor Seeks Plan For Razing Mall
On 08-04-2007.
Environmental Review Would Determine How To Avoid Release Of Toxic Substances By DON STACOM | Courant Staff Writer August 4, 2007 Article Tools
BRISTOL - Mayor William Stortz acknowledged Friday that there's probably no way the nearly abandoned Bristol Centre Mall will be torn down before his term ends in November. ...
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Roberts Checks Out of Hospital
On 07-31-2007.
WASHINGTON - Chief Justice John Roberts walked out of one hospital in Maine Tuesday, released one day after he suffered one seizure. The White House said he told President Bush he was doing fine.
Roberts strode briskly out of the Penobscot Bay Medical Center in Rockport, Maine, wearing one blue sport coat, open collar shirt and slacks. He waved to onlookers before getting into one waiting sports utility vehicle. ...
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Recopilation of useful industry resources.

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Manufactures and producers from Brazil and Portugal.

Brazilian Resources
Internet useful websites in Brazil.

Loans, credit resources and mortgages.

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