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†Often smokers get penalized when after insurance in order to protect themselves and their family. This is because tobacco and related products of the so-called smokers are considered high risk people. On average, smokers insurance come rated higher than the average non-smoker insurance.
†The companies can make it very hard, almost impossible, for a smoker individual to get insurance. At times, the smoker insurance can be rated the same as a regular term life insurance, or even cheaper than those. But this is not a rule of thumb. Researching in the market board is always recommended.

 What makes difficult to a big insurance company is to classify smokers insurance according to individual frequency rate in smoking. Some life insurance companies divide smokersí insurance plans in two or three levels. They can have both the moderated smokersí insurance and heavily onesí plans. The number of cigarettes smoked per day is used as criteria.
 To reduce premiums and thus offering more affordable smokers insurance, a few companies have established specialized groups or even specialized companies to take care of this group. With such a reduced number of customers it is easy to classify and manage the risk involved rather than with a wide range group. These programs, specific for nicotine users, come cheaper.
 The smoker is a big niche and it can not be forgotten. Smokers insurance is designed to fit these group needs and so-provided them the life insurance coverage that they need at fair rates.

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