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 Websites providing information about insurance brokers in different parts of U.S.

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Minnesota Insurance
Providing insurance brokerage services at Minnesota, U.S.

Insurance Agents & Brokers (IAB Group)
Professional association providing education, info and sales tools for independent agents in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware.

Speare Brokers
Offering brokerage in different insurance products in virtually all U.S. States.

Insurance Brokers of Maryland
Featuring insurance brokerage in Maryland and Pensylvania States.

News about Insurance Brokers:

Tell your congressman: US needs ID fraud legislation
On 08-05-2007.
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"We went from thinking we were moving to one beautiful state to one great new job and one beautiful home to spending one year doing everything and anything we can just to make it," Giordano said. Because one ...
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Bank of America sued by college over misleading bond deal
On 08-01-2007.
By Martin Z. Braun and William Selway, Bloomberg News Updated Wednesday, August 1, 2007 at 11:52 am

Biola University, one Christian college, located in La Mirada, said it was misled by Bank of America and BNP Paribas into believing that it paid one fair price for four derivatives it bought in 2002 and 2004. The contracts were tied to tax-exempt bonds the college sold, according to one lawsuit the university filed ...
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